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Coasters 1.10

Rated three stars or better

Personalized Leather Coasters

Crate and Barrel Slate Coasters

Target Glass Photo Coaster Set of 4

Uncommon Goods "Let's Chalk Over Drinks Coasters"

Moody Blues Recycled Album Coasters and Warped

Crate and Barrel 5 Piece Photo Coaster Set

Liked by: Sekhinda Joanna Molly
Target Crocodile Coasters

Liked by: Aly Erin Sekhinda Molly
Office Depot Eco Coaster Set

Target Marble Coaster Set of 6, Mocha

Target Fence in the Mist Coasters

Liked by: Aly Joanna Erin

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Anastasia on Coasters 1.10: Slate, granite or "creative" coasters (like the ones you can write on with chalk) are the best.

Aly on Coasters 1.10: Every home should always have coasters for not only practical purposes but also for aesthetics. Whether you have a glass table or a wooden table, coasters go a long way in protecting each surface.... more

Joanna on Coasters 1.10: Coasters are something that is always overlooked, but I never realized how many cool different types of coasters there is. It is something I will definitely begin to pay attention to!