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Q: Is a guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar trying to get you drunk or just being nice?"
A: I'll accept a few drinks from a guy, but that's because I have the tolerance for it (which they usually don't know). For the normal girl, one or two is a safe bet. More than two is a bit much unless you've been hanging out for quite a while.

Q: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
A: I'm not big on chest hair, but a stubbly chest also prickles me when we cuddle. So the way I see it, a woman should accept her man and all his manly hair if it's there.

Q: How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy?
A: Is a mamma's boy a bad thing? A man who knows how to treat his mom, knows how to treat a woman with respect. As long as his mom's opinions don't affect our relationship directly, he can talk to her as much as he wants.

Q: What kind of guy can pull off bald? What kind can't?
A: It's all about attitude... and shape of the head. I hate to say it, but if your head doesn't have the right shape, then it might not work. I think a man should think long and hard before going completely bald. But in the end, his attitude is what makes or breaks the completely bald head.