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LocationUnion City,NJ
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Q: Is there such a thing as too poor? Would you consider dating a guy who wasn't successful?
A: Well, if he's homeless I would consider that too poor. For me it's not about the money, but more about the lack of motivation. If you have will and drive, you will be successful.

Q: If a guy's been married, how should he bring it up? When is a good time?
A: First date. Maybe not the first sentence on the first date, but definitely the first date! That's something a girl should know right up front.

Q: How do you feel about guys who walk around naked after in the kitchen making a sandwich?
A: Hot... very hot!

Q: What do the type of shoes a girl wears say about her? Help a guy understand women's obsession with shoes.
A: I notice that girl's who wear heels all the time, care very much about their appearance, as for girls who wear shoes simply for comfort are doing just that, wearing things for comfort, not necassarily because it looks good.

Q: How long into a relationship would you expect a nice gift for a Birthday or Valentine's Day? What would be a nice gift?
A: This is a tricky question. Only because it really all depends on how close you have gotten to a person in a certain amount of time. If I have only been on one or two dates with a guy, I don't think I would expect a gift per se. But I do think the gentlemanly thing to do, if he were interested, would be to send flowers or even a simple box of chocolates.

Q: Where's a good place to get together for the first time if you were meeting from an online dating site or something like myspace?
A: Somewhere that is busy. A restuarant, a lounge, a bar. Anywhere where there are a lot of people and the music and talking of others will somehow make the interaction less awkward.

Q: How can a guy tell if a woman is into him only for his money?
A: If she talks about money, asks about money, or questions how much money you have or spend...chances are..she's only interested in money.

Q: It's you and two friends. Two guys approach and you and your friend hit it off with the two guys, but the third woman is getting upset and asking to go home. How should the guys handle it? What advice would you give guys dealing with an uneven ratio who don't want to just get a number and say goodbye?
A: Include all three girls. Ask to buy that third girl a drink. Tell her a joke to make her laugh. Do something so that she won't feel like she stumbled into a double date, when all she thought was that she was going out for a night with her girlfriends. You can pay attention more to the girl that interests you, but try to engage all the people present in the conversation.

Q: How should a guy deal with an awkward silence on a first date?
A: Say something like, "I hate it when this happpens" or just ackowledge the silence. It'll make both of you laugh and break the silence.

Q: What do you think about clothes that prominently display the designer's name on the item? What kind of impression does this make on a guy? When is something too flashy?
A: I have always hated this! There is really no need to be a billboard for your favorite designer. I've seen guys spend 70 dollars on a t-shirt that says Dolce&Gabbana and yet its just a cotton t-shirt! There are excpetions to this rule. A Louis Vuitton wallet, clearly depicting the designers initials is part of the design, this is all well and good. But please please please don't wear things JUST becuase it has a name on it. This is the difference. Wear it because of the quality the style, the cut...NOT JUST THE NAME.