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LocationLos Angeles,CA
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Q: Have you ever accepted a date with a guy just to be nice? What happened?
A: No, no one likes to be led-on. Nicely decline

Q: How many partners would a guy need to sleep with to be considered a manwhore?
A: depends on his age, but to me...anyone he wasn't in a real relationship with

Q: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
A: I personally cannot stand back hair...but a little chest hair is OK. Try to make sure your chest or back hair isn't popping out the top of your shirt...ever!

Q: How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy?
A: I think anywhere from once to 3 times a week is ok...also depending on how far away he lives from her. It shows that he cares about her but that he's not dependent.

Q: What kind of guy can pull off bald? What kind can't?
A: If you're physically fit and your head is not proportionally smaller than your body, then go ahead and shave it!

Q: Is a guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar trying to get you drunk or just being nice?"
A: Depends what you're drinking! 2 beers is not as big of a deal as 2 shots to me