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February 12, 2009
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 2.09
» Dating Advice: How long into a relationship would you expect a nice gift for a Birthday or Valentine's Day? What would be a nice gift?
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  Top picks: Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 2.09  

Hertaste Relationship Stimulus Package ... Valentines Day Gifts <$50

If your gift budget is skimpy come February 14th , don't sweat it. There are plenty of ways to make the Hallmark holiday special that don't call for buying plane tickets or $500 spa treatments. Make it personal and creative, and you'll be set. The panel went ga-ga over A Bed of Roses, which includes over 100 silk rose petals and four tea lights. (What are tea lights? Don't worry about it. Just know that ladies seem to enjoy them.) Spread the petals around the room before dinner so the mood is right once you're back home. What girl wouldn't want to jump onto a bed covered in those?

Another affordable top pick is the set of three signature lace thongs from Hanky Panky. The set costs $50 ... not bad, considering this one's really a gift for both of you.

Top Picks: Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 2.09 (based on ratings from all women on the site)

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Thong, Set of 3A Bed of RosesPhilosophy I Love Red Licorice: Bath & Body SetVictoria's Secret Don't Stop Massage CandleGraphic Image Business Card Envelope
Rated 4.43 of 5 Rated 4.00 of 5 Rated 3.86 of 5 Rated 3.71 of 5 Rated 3.57 of 5
Dating Advice

Question: How long into a relationship would you expect a nice gift for a Birthday or Valentine's Day? What would be a nice gift?

Completely depends but after three months or meeting the parents would be a good bet. A nice gift would be something that you would never buy for your sister. Something that sparkles, something that is a little sexy, or something that is important to her but she would not buy for herself.
I am not big on Valentines day gifts or even birthday gifts however most women are...If my man did want to do something for me, I would love for him to cook me a meal and just plan a romantic evening at home...Candles, dinner, wine and....
Six months... a nice piece of jewelry at a mid level price point.