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How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy? 23
Is a guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar trying to get you drunk or just being nice?"20
Have you ever accepted a date with a guy just to be nice? What happened?19
What do you think about clothes that prominently display the designer's name on the item? What kind of impression does this make on a guy? When is something too flashy?13
What do the type of shoes a girl wears say about her? Help a guy understand women's obsession with shoes.6
What's the sexiest thing a guy can wear at the gym while working out?5
Grooming     Sex  
Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs? 36
What kind of guy can pull off bald? What kind can't?20
How many partners would a guy need to sleep with to be considered a manwhore?16
How do you feel about guys who walk around naked after in the kitchen making a sandwich? 8