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Molly's favorites
Burberry Brit - I love when guys smell good, I know everyone has their own style and I think it is important to wear something that fits who you are.
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce
Polo Crest

Anything girly
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I have played tennis my whole life and I am a pretty active girl. I love being with my friends, they are the best people in the world and I have so much fun with them! I love going out. It doesn't matter if it's a club or just around campus, just meeting people.

Comments on fashion:

For fashion, always be comfortable with how you look. If you feel awkward then you will portray that to people. Jeans and a fitted shirt is something that you can always wear. Being confident is the most important way to portray you!

on a woman like Molly...

Dry Sand, Kenneth Cole
Solid Board Shorts
4X CORDITE By Stetson
Tia Wall Art
Klaussner Furniture Samuel Occasional Chair
American Heritage Jensen Bar Stool
Boys & Their Toys
2010 Slingshot Verve 2-2
Apple® 30" Flat-Panel LCD Cinema HD Monitor
Ferragamo Canvas Briefcase
Endless Chevrons Dress
Atlanta Falcons Women's 2-Layered Racer Back Tank Top - by Alyssa Milano
Nearly Nautical Bikini


Cowboy Hats 5.10: I'm not a huge fan...scratch that...I'm not at all a fan of a guy wearing a cowboy hat to a first date! I understand that men want to represent their own personal style but this goes a little too... more

Computer Monitors 5.10: I really don't know much about these, just keep it clean and clutter free! That would impress me the most!

Guy's Jewelry 3.10: I'm not a big fan of guys wearing jewelry. Unless it has significant meaning to you, my suggestion is keep it simple.