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LocationLittle Neck,NY
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Summer Dresses 6.10|Womens Team Apparel 5.10|Women's Bathing Suits 4.10|Stationery 3.10|Vacation Spots in the U.S.A. 2.10|Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10|Gifts for the Host or Hostess Under $25 1.10|Stocking Stuffers Under $50 12.09|Plastique* Jewelry 12.09|User Added (Gift Ideas)CinSummer Accessories 8.09 |Sunglasses 7.09|Bathing Suits Under $100 6.09|Sexy Shoes Under $100 5.09|Housewarming Gift Under $100 4.09|Spring Dresses Under $250 3.09 |Valentine's Day Gifts Over $1000 2.09|Valentine's Day Gifts under $150 2.09|Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 2.09|Handbags Under $500 1.09|Earrings Under $250 1.09|Stationary for Thank You Notes 12.08|Stocking Stuffers under $50 12.08|Handbags Under $500 11.08|Spring '09, Women's Outfits From The Runway |First Date Flowers 9.08|Bracelets Under $1,000 8.08|Surprise Gifts under $100 7.08|Surprise Gifts under $50 6.08|Meals you'd like cooked for you 5.08|Edible Gifts 4.08|Date Venues 3.08|Gifts under $50 3.08|Valentine's Day Gifts 2.08|Bouquets 1.08|Sugar Daddy Gifts 01.08|New relationship gifts 1.08|Versatile Gifts 12.07|Bouquets 11.07|Dell Design Studio 10.09 (1/2)|Dell Design Studio 10.09 (2/2)|Ebb.and.pflow
Funky, bold ring. Perfect for a night out.

Flirty and feminine.

Love this ring! The texture, the stone,... more

I love all the different textures on this ring.

These are great because it puts a spin on the... more

Pashminas are the greatest when their soft. I... more

I love delicate phrases like this especially... more


This style is extremely hip. Bunch of... more

Delicate and elegant. I love the color of the... more

Love the detailing and the thick gold.

I love the gold necklace with the tree. Great... more

I love peace signs and diamonds!

Flirty and fun.

Although manly, I like the roughness. Not... more

Funky and different. The color purple makes... more

Pretty and feminine.

They are nice, but nothing special...the... more

The shape of this earring is odd.

Too thick for bangles. Literally looks like a... more

Weird shape. Don't really look like earrings.

I think the gold is just way too much on this... more

The design on top is an off shape. Don't know... more