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LocationUnion City,NJ
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Accent Chairs 5.10|Frames 2.10|Dressers 10.09|Beds 9.09|Home Accessories 8.09|Coffee tables 8.09|Desks Under $400 6.09|Media Center Under $500 4.09|Occasional Chair for Bachelor Pad 3.09|Home Accessories for Bachelors Under $100 11.08 |Area Rugs 10.08|Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08

Accent Chairs 5.10

All of these chairs are very stylish, and knowing a man has style makes a huge difference in how a girl sees him. PIcking out one or two accent chairs for your apartment or home shows you have... more 
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Frames 2.10

maybe I'm a simple girl, but I think that a guy who takes the time to frame his A okay in my book! 
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Dressers 10.09

If you care enough to have a beautiful piece of furniture in your home... you are good to go in my book! 
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Beds 9.09

A simple bed with a sleek line shows you have style. All of these beds are beautiful! 
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Home Accessories 8.09

Any man who takes the tiem to decorate their apartment is awesome in my book! 
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Coffee tables 8.09

All of these tables are sleek and sophisticated. A guy's place should be minimalist and clutter! 
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Desks Under $400 6.09

I'm not a big fan of bulky boxy furniture unless it's handmade, beautiful wood. If you are going to buy furniture on the cheaper side and for a smaller space, make sure its modern and simple. 
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Media Center Under $500 4.09

Listen, all of these pieces are very stylish. Depending on your taste and style (whether it be modern, contemporary, or traditional) and the size of the space your trying to fill, any of these... more 
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Occasional Chair for Bachelor Pad 3.09

Some of these I like more than others but they are all very stylish and beautiful in their own way. I am a sucker for a nice chair, even more than a couch, I just love curling up in chairs. My... more 
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Home Accessories for Bachelors Under $100 11.08

Honestly, if I saw any of these objects in a man's home I would be impressed. Usually men don't decorate or accessorize. Thay have necessities, maybe some organizational items, but things just to... more 
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Area Rugs 10.08

Most guys go for neutral colors, or guy colors when it comes to home decor. I feel they think their apartment or house will look too girly if they step outside the box. So, since you feel so... more 
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Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08

Be neat...but don't be anal. No girl wants to walk into a guys place where they can't feel comfortable. Your place should be clean and neat with your own personal style splashed around. It should... more 
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