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LocationUnion City,NJ
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Womens Team Apparel 5.10|Vacation Spots in the U.S.A. 2.10|Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10|User Added (Gift Ideas)|CinSummer Accessories 8.09|Bathing Suits Under $100 6.09|Housewarming Gift Under $100 4.09|Spring Dresses Under $250 3.09 |Handbags Under $500 1.09|Earrings Under $250 1.09|Stationary for Thank You Notes 12.08|Stocking Stuffers under $50 12.08|Handbags Under $500 11.08|Spring '09, Women's Outfits From The Runway |First Date Flowers 9.08|Dell Design Studio 10.09 (1/2)|Dell Design Studio 10.09 (2/2)

Womens Team Apparel 5.10

Based on the style of the garments and not the teams, I think it would be really cute and sweet for a guy to buy something sports affiliated that has a stylish girl flare, especially if he is... more 
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Vacation Spots in the U.S.A. 2.10

I would love to go anywhere! I love to travel, but some things I haven't done in some of these places I would love to do with a guy, such as, see the Everglades in Florida, or cuddle up in a lodge... more 
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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10

All jewlery is good. I wouldn't get a girl perfume unless you know it's one she either wants or wears all the time. Women are very particular about their scents. I would also veer from things that... more 
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User Added (Gift Ideas)


CinSummer Accessories 8.09

Having an eye for unique gifts is always great, but keep in mind what kind of girl you are with. Is she simple? Does she take fashion risks? Will she wear chunky jewelry or does she keep it basic?... more 
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Bathing Suits Under $100 6.09

I always say this but it's really the thought that matters with gifts. If a guy got me a bathing suit I would think it's adorable. Just picturing him walking around the store trying to pick out a... more 
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Housewarming Gift Under $100 4.09

A great coffee table book or wine rack, vase are all great gifts. Keep in mind to get something someone can never have enough of. Vases are wonderful becuase women always need different sizes or... more 
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Spring Dresses Under $250 3.09

If a guy bought me a dress, any way shape or form ( as long as it wasn't slutty) I would take it as a very very sweet gesture. 
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Handbags Under $500 1.09

It is always always the thought that counts, but you must know your lady's style. Take notice to whether she wears larger bags or smaller ones. What brands or styles does she tend to walk towards... more 
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Earrings Under $250 1.09

I am a jewlery lover so I will wear practically anything. Most woman are a little more picky in this department. My advice to you is to go simple. Every woman should have a pair of diamond studs.... more 
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Stationary for Thank You Notes 12.08


Stocking Stuffers under $50 12.08


Handbags Under $500 11.08

I think the most important thing for a guy to do when trying to pick out a gift for a woman is to pay attention. What does she wear? When you're in a store with her what are the general items she... more 
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Spring '09, Women's Outfits From The Runway

Remember a gift is the thought that counts, but with clothes, try to stay with simple things. As women, we are all over the place with fashion...there are things we like that you would never guess... more 
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First Date Flowers 9.08

How can I rate flowers? If a guy walked up to my door with a bouqet of dandelions he picked from the side of the road I'd think it was the sweetest thing! All flowers are good guys! Don't let... more 
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Dell Design Studio 10.09 (1/2)

If a guy is buying me a notebook as a gift and to boot it has a cute little design on it...I would say THANK YOU to any!!! 
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Dell Design Studio 10.09 (2/2)

All are adorable! 
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